The Role of Information | How to Fish Out Success in the Sea of Garbage


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In this age, information has become an omnipresent force like gravity. It continues to shape our decisions, influences our perceptions, and guides our actions. If you don’t know, now you know, the vast quantity of information consumed today darkens the truly valuable insights and knowledge necessary for success.

This article explores the significance of information, why your perceived needs may differ from actual requirements for success, the prevalence of misinformation, and the importance of assessing authenticity and originality for effective decision-making.

The Illusion (Needs vs. Actual Requirements)

The human mind is prone to chase after what it perceives to be desirable — easy, quick and in abundance. Often, this is influenced by societal trends and/or personal biases. In a general scope, this can lead you to seek information that aligns with your perceived needs and desires.

True success is rooted in a different approach. Nothing good comes easy will remain true for generation to come. Thus, understanding that what is genuinely required rather than what is popular is the absolute truth. The right information gives you a more informed decisions, innovative thinking, and a competitive edge.

The Deluge (Garbage upon garbage)

With less than 10MB, you can learn how to make a bar soap. Same, you can learn how to get 20 million naira with 200 naira. The advent of technology has created a flood of information, much of which lacks credibility or value. This “NOISE” can distract individuals from meaningful insights and authentic knowledge. To succeed in such an environment, the ability to filter out the garbage and discern reliable sources becomes crucial.

The Truth (Insight by Example)

The bitter wine heals the bone and flesh. If adults are children and children adults, we will all have false tooth and be shaped like the hippopotamus. This is true. If there is love, there is progress. This is true as well. If you want to be an asset, solve a problem. This is also true.

As the African saying goes, “Do not trust the native doctor whose wife sells coffin”, so is to measure the credibility and authenticity of information sources. This should be paramount for accurate decision-making.

To achieve success, you must align your actions with reliable information. This can be done in 3 simple approaches:

1. Critical Thinking: You should cultivating the habit to question, evaluate, and analyze information critically. This skill empowers you to differentiate between legitimate insights and baseless claims.

2. Diverse Sources: When you rely on a diverse range of sources, it helps you to create a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. Seeking out credible experts and/or researched materials ensures a well-rounded perspective.

3. Continuous Learning: You should never stop learning. The pursuit of knowledge is ongoing. Staying curious and open to new information fosters adaptability and a deeper understanding of evolving trends and developments.

A Final Note

Zero plus zero plus zero equals zero. No matter the amount of junks you feed on, you will always be malnourished. Change your approach to seeking information. The difference between 90% and 09% is just the arrangement. When you have nothing dominating in you, you have nothing to brag of.

You should be able to distinguish between valuable insights and garbage. Authenticity and originality serve as guiding principles to assess the worth of information sources. You can only reach the peak by navigating the sea of information with discernment, critical thinking, and a commitment to continuous learning.

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