How to Unblock Your PlayUp Account


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PlayUp is an educational platform where users (especially students) can learn and earn free airtime online. It was designed to help students keep up with educational trends and norms that may be overlooked in today’s world.

While it is a platform for everyone, there are five rules that govern the use of the platform. A user who violates any of these rules will be either suspended or totally blocked from using the platform. In some cases, their earnings may be deducted as a warning.

Play Rules

Here are the 5-play rules:

  1. Users are not allowed to have multiple accounts on this platform.
  2. Cheating to win in the earning session is not allowed.
  3. Users are not allowed to post repeated, meaningless comments (baseless punctuation marks, emojis), use of foul language, URL links, or advertisements in the comment section or chatroom.
  4. Users cannot be inactive in other modules, such as the top-up modules, for more than a month.
  5. Users are not allowed to discourage other users or spread misleading or false information.

How to Unblock Your Account

To unblock your account, kindly send an email to, specifying your phone number and the rule(s) you have violated. You can also contact Folklight Studios using the contact form in the Contact Page. Please make it formal and simple.

NOTE: All blocked users will receive a conversion of their earnings beforehand. Not all blocked accounts can be unblocked. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

49 responses to “How to Unblock Your PlayUp Account”

  1. Please my account has been blocked. What do I do to unblock or delete it. You haven’t responded to my email yet

  2. Why can’t I access my account it’s not blocked but I cant log in and my units are still there from before the update.
    Please if possible deactivate the first account so I can register another one please

    • Hello Wisdom, kindly send us an email indicating your phone number. The issue might be your email address. It is an error that can be corrected by a single reset. Thank you.

  3. It happened suddenly on Saturday morning. That last week. Up till now I haven’t seen an email from you guys. Please help me. Please retire my account back. Please. I will never refer people again. I promise
    Forgive me

    • Hello Goodness, your account was blocked for violation of the play rules. Note that it may take a while to unblock an account and it relies on the rule(s) violated. Thank you.

      • Admin, how long would it take for my account and my sister’s account to be unblock. Please, I’m sorry for violating the rules. I’m sincerely sorry. Please unblock my account DicksonG and EstherD only. I blame myself for being greedy . Please have mercy . Please

    • Hello. It shows that your account is active and NOT BLOCKED. You need to verify your account to continue using the platform. Login and you will be directed on what to do. Thanks.

      • Anytime I try logging in my account will show log in check and that a code will be sent to my e mail I’ve tried multiple times yet no code and I can’t log in either

  4. Pls my account was blocked. I have sent an email stating the rule violated but no response yet from you till now.

    • Hello Divine, it may take a while to respond to your email. Kindly be patience with us. Note: not all account blocked are resolved. Thanks you.

  5. Please dear Playup,
    I am really sorry for violating your rules of operation.
    Please unblock my account.I promise not to repeat such offence next time.

    • Hello John, kindly forward a message to our email for resolution with the rule(s) violated. Note that it may take a while to restore an account.

    • Hello Divine, no account is blocked for no reason. Kindly read the play rules again and forward a message to our email for resolution with the rule(s) violated. Note that it may take a while to unblock an account. Thanks

  6. You said I should send verify my bank details or identity proof. I tried doing bank verification which was saying my account need to be one month old before I verify bank details. I then submitted my id to your email. Yet still blocked.

    • Hello Brody, it may take a while to respond to emails. Do ensure you send an email stating rule(s) you violated. Thank you

    • Hello Mariam, sometimes, it may take a while to reactivate an account. Please hold on. We will check and send you an email shortly. Thank you for your patience.

    • Hello Divine, send a message to our email with the information of both accounts for quick resolution. Thank you.

    • It’s probably why you’re account got blocked because the rules clearly state don’t create multiple accounts

    • Hello, ensure that you send a request to unblock your account with all necessary information. Kindly be patient if you have and haven’t gotten a response. Thank you.

  7. I have sent @ message and I have not gotten any response and I can’t still log in

    • That’s a violation of the play rules. Kindly send a message to our email. Note: Not all accounts can be unblocked. Thank you.

  8. Why can’t I login with my details? I made sure I didn’t break any rules,so why can’t I login?!

  9. My bro account(Michael) was blocked and he has sent ( message and they still haven’t respond or unblock his account

  10. I can’t login with my details they say it’s either blocked or invalid. I didn’t break any rule

    • Hello Mercy. Your account is blocked for violation of the play rules. Read the play rules again to be sure of the rule/rules violated. Kindly send a message to for resolution.

  11. [Phone Number Removed]
    I Posted a comment repeated on the comment start space.
    My account is blocked.
    Please I need to unblock it.

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