Play Rules

Good day. Kindly refer to the updated terms and conditions for a comprehensive draft of our play conditions. is a platform designed for educational purposes. It is a platform where you get rewarded (airtime or data) for testing your knowledge in diverse fields of life. As the platform grows, we intend to see our esteemed users grow in all respect.

Take note of the following rules to avoid being banned on the platform or withholding your earnings.

  1. Users are not allowed to have multiple accounts on this platform.
  2. Cheating to win in the top-up session is not allowed.
  3. Users are not allowed to post repeated or meaningless comments, foul language, URL links, or advertisements in the comment section or chatroom.
  4. Users cannot be inactive in other modules, such as the top-up modules, for more than a month.
  5. Users are not allowed to discourage other users or spread misleading or false information.

While using this platform, you have agreed to the terms of play as stated above, general terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Let us work together to make the platform grow. We encourage users to actively participate in the chat room and other modules by Folklight Studios. As much as we want our light to glow, let’s give other people the grace to do the same.

Kindly contact us if your account is inactive. Note: accounts deleted can not be restored.